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Performed for:

The President of Ireland

The Duchess of Norfolk

Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones

Jake Wood - Max Branning - Eastenders

Mr Motivator Derrick Evans

Rik Mayall From Bottom

Victoria Wood

Paul Daniels

Frank Bruno

Bobby Davro

Ken Dodd

Katie Price

Rick Astley

Nigel Benn

Peter Andre


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Past Clients Include:

Circuses :

2014 Circus Hassani 


2014 Circus Zyair

2013 John Lawson's Circus

2012 John Lawson's Circus

2011 John Lawson's Circus

2011 Circus Ginnett

2010 Chipperfield's Circus

2010 Gerry Cottle's Circus

2010 Monster Stunts Spectacular 

2009 Russell's International Circus 

2008 John Lawson's Circus 

2008 Bobby Robert's Super Circus 

2008 Fossett's Circus Ireland

2007 The Royal Russian Circus Ireland

2006 Bobby Robert's Super Circus

2000 Circus Ginnett 

1999 Circus Renze Germany

1999 Circus Arnardo Norway

1999 Martin Hanson's Winter Circus


1998 Circus Atlas


1998 The Hungarian State Circus Hungary 

1998 The Budapest circus Festival


1997 Circus Arnardo Norway 

1996  Circus Malter Belgium


1996 Circus Atlas 

1995 John Lawson's Circus 


1995 Weights Circus

1994 Billy Smart's Circus

1993 Billy Smart's Circus



Performing at Bobby Roberts Super Circus

Entertainment Award:

clumsy the clown award winning circus cl

2008 Best Auguste Clown



Comedy, Balloon Modelling,
Slapstick, Mime, Basic aerobatics,  Magic, Silk juggling,
Fire drag, Man on Fire,
Plate spinning, Face Painting, 

Tennis racket contortion,

Coat hanger contortion,

Toilet seat contortion.


one of the south's most popular children's entertainers

Children's entertainer, Children's entertainer Worthing, Children’s entertainer Bognor, Children’s entertainer Hampshire,

Children's entertainer Chichester, Children’s entertainer West Sussex, Children’s entertainer Horsham,

Children's Magician, Children's Magician Bognor, Children's Magician, Chichester, children’s magician Horsham, Children’s magician West Sussex, Children’s magician Worthing, Children’s magician East Sussex, Children’s magician Horsham. Children’s magician Hampshire.


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